WHM Initial Setup


All necessary information regarding the WHM Setup is available in the setup guide below:

WHM Initial Setup Wizard

A few important points about the Initial setup.

Setup Networking (Step 2)

  • Hostname: This should be a sub-domain name. e.g. server.abc.com or vps.server.com.

  • Resolvers: The resolver IP addresses here will be auto-populated with values & You should only use these IPs, which are the DNS resolver’s IPs at the Data Center.

  • Main Network/Ethernet Device: Always keep this as “venet0:0?

Nameservers (Step 4)

Choose which nameservers your domain’s hosted on this server will use. These will be used as the default NS records for all the domain’s Zone hosted on the server.

  • Add A Entries for Nameservers & Hostname.
  • Add “A Entries” for all Nameservers.



    If your order has just one IP address, use same IP for all Nameservers. Use different IPs if multiple IPs are added to the order.

  • Add “A Entries” for Hostname


    This creates a Zone for the primary domain name [used in the Hostname (on Step 2)], and creates its A record. If the Hostname used was vps.server.com, the Zone will be added automatically for server.com with the A record for vps.server.com pointing to the IP address mentioned.

Services (Step 5)

  • Covert Mailbox Format: It converts every mailbox to the current server’s mail format, during the migration of an account from another server.

  • Configure cPHulk: cPHulk is recommended for Brute Force Protection.